Thursday, June 3, 2010

On marriage

Today at work, I accidentally got myself into a discussion about marriage. It involved quite a few colleagues (both younger and older) and let's just say that I'm shocked that my opinion was by far a minority one. It almost felt like I was being transported some 50 years back in time.

I'm not necessarily against marriage. It's true that I don't really feel the urge to get married myself, but if there was a good reason to do so, I wouldn't be opposed to it. I just don't consider it as the ultimate confirmation of someone's love. And I most certainly don't see it as a condition for living with your partner. In fact, I would argue that having lived with your partner for a substantial amount of time before getting married is probably a good thing. Seems to me that that would give you the most realistic idea about what being with a specific someone (for the rest of your life?) entails. Surprisingly (to me at least), none of my age peers agreed with me. The only person nodding their head was a 60+-year-old male professor...

In other news, I finally got some writing done. It's just an outline (an approved outline!), but a good outline will do half the job. Now I just need to fill the pages with intelligent words.

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