Friday, April 30, 2010


It's still early in the morning when I walk into my office. One look at my to-do list reminds me that I *really* should finish Task A. I turn on my computer and start working.

Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes until the first e-mail arrives. My adviser. Important (and Urgent!) Task B. I complete Task B and send it back for comments. Suddenly I remember I was also supposed to take care of Task C today and walk to the lab to do so. Meanwhile, Needy Person notices I am around today even though I haven't been replying to her e-mails and starts talking to me. I agree to send her some information on Subject Z. Right. Task C. I finish it, walk back to my desk and send the information to Needy Person as promised. Meanwhile, my adviser has sent me some comments I need to look at. I revise Task B, but get sidetracked by one of the comments. Have to find some literature to see if the claim I am making makes sense. Interesting articles. Funny that it takes me over an hour just to double check this. I finish Task B. And Task D, E, and F that have somehow come up. Feel good about myself for getting so many things done. Time to go home... Only to realize that the last browser tab I am about to close was opened for Task A.

I did not finish Task A. Oh well, what can I say? The word 'deadline' has slowly evolved into a whole new concept since I started grad school.

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