Friday, April 23, 2010

Being on campus

I'm sure disciplines differ with regard to how much lab time is involved. And even within the same discipline, some projects inevitably require more testing than others. When I look at my fellow grad students, there seems to be a wide mix. Some work crazy hours, some work 9-5, some work from home all the time and others (*looks away innocently*) shouldn't waste money on rent as they pretty much live in their labs or offices.

The type of work I do naturally comes with being in the lab a lot. While I do occasionally work from home (mainly when I have off-campus meetings that day), I'm on campus for the majority of my working hours. That's fine. What bothers me though is that being in the lab so much creates expectations. As in: "Oh, OA is in, she can take care of that." Yes, chances are that I am in, but no, that doesn't imply that I should fix your problems right now, just because I'm the only one around.

The thing is, I would probably offer to help out. I would just like that not to be taken for granted.


  1. See, the problem is that you never want to let 'em know that you are smart, reliable, and competent.

  2. I wouldn't want to claim that I'm smart or competent, but perhaps being (too) reliable may indeed cause the "Oh, OA will solve it"-behavior... Letting go seems to be key here. Now I just need to figure out how normal people go about this.